Repli-KPAP Community Gardening Project

To urge residents to produce their own food , the club launched the project in 2020 ” KPAP – Katutubong Gulay: Paramihin, Anihin, Pagkain natin ito” , a backyard gardening contest for Barangay Langkiwa, Binan City, Laguna .

The main objective of the program is the establishment of urban gardens or backyard farms in the barangay to promote organic food production among the marginalized sector of the population in order to achieve a degree of food security. Now on its 2nd year – the project has been dubbled Repli-KPAP, or simply KPAP Year 2.

Activities for the project

K-PAP Timeline Consultation and Finalization of Activities – Sept 2 to.Dec 20

c/o RC Sta Rosa Centro (K-PAP Core Pres Joseph Rey Alcala ,Rtn Larry Gonzales , IPP Belinda C. M. Barroga and PP Evs Laranga)

1.Virtual MOASigning with Kap . Rodolfo Montañez with the Monitoring Team / Sangguniang Barangay 2. Purchasing of seeds/seedlings or request seeds in Bureau of PIant Industry -Los Baños

2. Identification of Judges

3. Mechanics for virtual judging (AVP will be submitted by each group)

4. Connectivity support for the Monitoring Team from Barangay Langkiwa to be used in online reporting/meeting for 6 sessions.

5. Review KPAP ‘s evaluation last year

6. Conduct needs assessment last wk of October 7.

7. Preps for Dec 20 – “Pagkilala sa mga natatanging magtatanim ng Katutubong gulay sa Barangay Langkiwa”.

8. Monitor the KPAP planned activities .

9. Ensure that these activities are being implemented.

10. Communicate consistently with the MTs and judges.

c/o KPAP Monitoring Team

1. Disseminate the info discussed with Kap Popit and their co-leaders.

2. Identify and orient new members of K-PAP. Submit list of members.

3. Monitor the members based on the mecahnics given and according to the schedule.

4. Attend the online meeting. Prepare a report ( plant status,.challenges encountered etc.)

5. Photodocumentation. Overall monitoring of members.

6. Seeds/seedlings distribution to all members.

7. Increase numbers of African night crawlers given by DLSU NSTP -CWTS class.

c/o of Kap Popit at Sangguniang Barangay

1.Pagpapanatili na magamit ang lupang kanyang pinahiram sa K-PAP

2. Pagsiguro na may mga butong pananim na mula sa.City.Agriculture Office na maibibigay sa KPAP 3.Panatiliin na di makukuha ang mga pananim ng walang pahintulot sa.KPAP members

3. Libreng patubig para sa pagdidilig ng mga pananim

4. Pagsiguro na maipatupad sa lahat ng KPAP members ang safety protocols sa tuwing sila ay nagtatanim ,nagdidilig o nag-aani. At kahit sa pagdalo sa mga birtwal o online na pagpupulong.

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