RI District 3820

It was in RY 1918-1919 when the 1st Rotary Club in the Philippines and in Asia was chartered – The Rotary Club of Manila on June 1, 1919 , when Rotary International adopted a general redistricting in RY 1936-37 , District 81 was created for the Philippines, Mainland China and Hong Kong. After a year, District 82 was changed to District 96 with the Governor coming from Shanghai, ROC and the position for the 3rd Vice-President of RI going to Carlos P. Romulo fo the Philippines. However, during the RY 1938-39, RI created District 81 once again for the Philippine Clubs with PP George Malcolm 0f RC Manila as District Governor and again Carlos P. Romulo serving as RI Director. Before the end of Malcolm’s turn, there was a total of eight clubs in the Philippines chartered between 1932-39.

These were Cebu in November 1932; Iloilo in April 1933; Bacolod in June 1937; Baguio in February 1938; Davao in October 1938; Dagupan in December 1938; and Dumaguete in February 1939. During RY 1950-51, the Philippine District number was changed to District 48 with PP Fernando Manalo as District Governor and it had a total of 26 clubs all over the country including Tacloban in September 1946; Tarlac-November 1946; Zamboanga-March 1948; Naga-March 1948; Cagayan de oro-April 1948; Cabanatuan-July 1948; Malolos July 1949; Lucena-February 1950; Batangas-March 2, 1950; Oroquieta-October 1950; Dipolog-December 1950; Laoag-February 1951; and Coatabato-June 1951. In 1957, Philippine District 48 was changed to District 385 and PP Hernando Pineda of the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro became the District Governor.

By the end of his term, the Philippines had a total of 37 clubs. Because Philippine Rotary kept on growing, District 385 was divided during RY 1964-65 creating District 380 for Luzon and Palawan, and District 385 for Visayas, Mindoro and Mindanao. The first Governor of District 380 was PP M.A.T. Caparas of Rotary Club of Caloocan with 35 clubs under him while District 385 with DG Leonardo Gallardo of RC Bacolod had 27 clubs. The following year saw the transfer of the RC San Jose from District 380 to 385. During RY 1974-75, District 385 was divided with Western Visayas, Western and Central Mindanao comprising the old District385 while Eastern Visayas and Mindanao the new District 386 , with PP Mariano Ilano of RC West Cebu as Governor. In 1977-78, it was the turm of District 380 to split into District 380 and 382, the City of Manila’s northern boundary and Pasig River as the dividing line.

Governorship went to PP Ernani Certeza of RC San Juan for District 380 with 49 clubs and PP Teofilo Reyes of RC Manila, District 382, 44 clubs. The other two District by then had a total of 60 clubs for District 385 and 38 clubs for District 386. Eight years later, the redistricting of 382 took into effect with the Bicol Region, Laguna, Batangas and Oriental Mindoro belonging to District 382 with PP Ramon Cumagon of RC Lipa South as the first Governor after District 382 redistricting to 382 and 381, while District 381 with PP Juanito T. Ventura of RC Downtown Manila as the first Govenor. Seven years later, District 382 was transformed to District 3820 with PP Jesus Hernandez of RC Naga as District Governor.

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