Project B.E.L (Basahin, E-kwento, Linangin)

Project B.E.L (B-Basahin, E- Ekwento, L-Linangin)
Drivers of the Initiative :

  1. Support the efforts of achieving Sustainable Development Goal # 4 – quality education
  2. To be one in celebrating Literacy Month – project was launched last Sep 8 which is International Literacy Day
  3. True passion towards Rotarian Service – Education & Literacy Area of Focus
  4. Realizing the impact of the pandemic and various community lockdowns to struggling learners.

Activities for Project B.E.L.

  1. September 13, 2021 – Meeting with Pres Jay-R, PP Maya, PP Evs / Rotakids Sophia and Manu
  2. September 20, 2021 – Centronians Planning Meeting
  3. September 22, 2021 – Preliminary Meeting with principals and teachers from School Partners – Santa Ana Elementary School , Soro-soro Elementary School.
  4. October 5, 2021 – Internal meeting in preparation for the first Session with the students
  5. October 6, 2021 – Dry-run for the 1st session
  6. October 6, 2021 – 1st session (Kamustahan). A short session to introduce Rotary and Centro to the kids, plus familiarization with the kids. A short tiktok activity was also held to break the ice.
  7. October 20, 2021 – Arts and Crafts session with a short story telling activity
  8. Several more sessions will follow.

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