Centro reps wins Inter High School Math and Science Quiz Bee at Rotaryo Educare 2016

ROTARYO EDUCARE:Tagisan ng Talino sa Rotaryo
An All STAR POWER up District Event for the New Generation
Rotary International District 3820@ NCAS Auditorium CAS Bldg, UP Los Banos

Education is the greatest equalizer of human societies as the common saying tells us. Education actually came from the Latin word “educare” which means to rear or “child rearing”. Rotaryo Educare is a district event to uphold rotary’s commitment in developing youth leaders as we fulfil the area of focus on literacy and education and the youth as an avenue of service.

Tagisan ng Talino sa Rotaryo is composed of the following events: INTER CLUB ROTARY 101,  QUIZBEE, INTER HS DEBATE, EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING, ORATORICAL Championships and MATH SCIENCE Quiz bee.

For this year, the Rotary Club of Sta Rosa Centro have the following students as representatives to TAGISAN NG TALINO sa ROTARYO.


Ron Michael V. Acda

Juan Carlos M. de Leon


Cazumi Crystelle V. Tan


Shinah Jasmin N. Recena

Judy Anne M. Malanao


The Club’s representatives emerged as champion for Inter High School Math and Science Quiz Bee. Congratulations !!

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