A new look for Rotary’s youth programs

Are you ready to make it clear how Rotary invests in youth and young adults? We are rolling out a new visual identity for our youth programs that does just that. This new look will better align Interact, Rotaract, RYLA and Youth Exchange with Rotary, making it more clear how these youth programs are connected to Rotary and an important part of our story.
Check out the new visual identity — a new, aligned visual design.
In our survey last year, we learned that our new design should include Rotary, be consistent with our voice and visual identity, and convey our history even as we reach out to future participants. We wanted our design to communicate what these activities are and how Rotarians support them; for each, we did that through the Rotary Masterbrand and the Rotary wheel:
  • RYLA is a program that develops young leaders. Since it’s organized by Rotarians, we lead with your club or district logo featuring the Rotary masterbrand signature next to “RYLA” or the words “Rotary Youth Leadership Awards” in lowercase.
  • Rotary Youth Exchange is a program that builds cultural understanding. Since it’s organized by Rotarians, we lead with your district or multidistrict logo featuring the Rotary masterbrand signature next to “Rotary Youth Exchange” in lowercase.
  • Interact is a club for emerging leaders. These clubs are sponsored by Rotary clubs, and they’re connected to a school or a community. To show that, we put the Interact wordmark next to the Rotary wheel along with the phrase “A Rotary Sponsored Club.”
  • Rotaract is a club for young leaders, such as university students or young professionals.These clubs are Rotary partners, and they are based in universities or communities. We put the Rotaract wordmark next to the Rotary wheel with a phrase that affirms the role of Rotaractors as partners in service.
Our Interact and Rotaract graphics live on our Brand Center, under our Logos section. This is also where you can create your club, district or multidistrict signature.
Within our guidelines, there’s lots of freedom. You can put this visual design into action in different ways on T-shirts, banners, and websites. You’re also welcome to develop your own designs that share what RYLA, Rotary Youth Exchange, Interact, and Rotaract mean to you. If you do, be inspired by the fonts, colors, and ideas in our voice and visual identity guidelines to connect your creativity with Rotary’s overall design principles.
We know that you have years of memories connected to our heritage logos — the red and metallic gold of Rotaract, the interlocking circles of the Interact logo, the confident, outstretched arms of RYLA, and the globe-crossing arrows of Rotary Youth Exchange. While we hope you’ll embrace our new direction, keep your pins, T-shirts, banners, bells, and other treasured items. OurHeritage Communications team will be looking after these logos for us, as these historic logos are equally a part of Rotary’s story.
As you put our new design into action, show us what you create. Send your questions, comments, and ideas to graphics@rotary.org. We can’t wait to see what this next chapter of our story looks like.
John Hewko

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