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IPP Doray Lucero featured in Rotary voices

The article below was posted on March 6, 2015 in

One amazing day, made possible by Rotary

By Teodora Lucero, Rotary Club of Sta. Rosa Centro, Laguna, Philippines.

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When I was serving as president of the Rotary Club of Sta Rosa Centro, a big storm damaged and ravaged my community, sending a couple of thousand people to five school buildings which were turned into evacuation centers.The next day, members of several Rotary clubs including my own began distributing relief supplies. Suddenly, I heard a shout. “Help! My wife is about to give birth!”

I saw the pregnant woman already lying down and fully dilated. My midwife instinct instantly kicked in. There was no time to send her to my birthing clinic or the hospital; the baby’s head was already visible. I knelt down and successfully delivered the baby with the cotton and alcohol available on hand.

Fortunately, my birthing clinic was quite near, so I sent for my surgical tools and cut the newborn’s umbilical cord with the proper tools, giving the new mother some form of dignity, I felt. I also gave the baby one of the spare pieces of clothes and blankets I always keep handy at the clinic. Women go there to give birth without even a piece of layette.

What an amazing day! It started out with a busy morning and afternoon of distributing relief supplies, and ended with an unexpected opportunity to use my vocation to help others. If I were not in Rotary, would this amazing experience have happened?

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