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Centro at Sikhayan Festival Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

Last January 25, 2015, the Centro Ladies joined the annual Sikhayan festival of Sta. Rosa City.

City information officer Aries Zapanta said the Sikhayan Festival is organized annually to celebrate Rosenians’ spirit of enterprise that has fueled the city’s economic growth through the decades.

Festival organizers explained “Sikhayan” is a contraction of Filipino words “sikhay” which means diligence and “kabuhayan” for livelihood.

Zapanta said the Festival has been observed since year 2000 during the time of then Mayor Leon Arcillas, father of incumbent city Mayor Arlene Arcillas.

The celebration highlights a parade, street dance competition and bazaar to showcase the Rosenians’ ingenuity, craftsmanship and colorful products.

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