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Farewell Party and Sisterhood Contract Signing with Rotary Club of Wodonga West, Australia

The Centro Ladies bid farewell to President Leanne Lucas and PP Neville Hull of the Rotary Club of Wondonga West, Australia last September 13, 2014 at Buona Vita, Molito, Alabang.  The Sisterhood Contract Signing was also done on the same event.

Wodonga1 1546120_764644613598789_3192568359273723560_n Wodonga3

Farewell Message of BcP Leanne Lucas

Time to leave the beautiful people of the Philippines. What an amazing adventure this has been! I would like to thank firstly our sister club RC of Sta. Rosa Centro for your hospitality and friendship. I look forward to a long lasting association with you all. Thank you to Mary Ann Gonzales, Mel Perez Tadeo for use of your spectacular condo, to President Arlene for making us feel like loyalty, to Chit…Agh! What a lady X and to my new sister. .. Leni Lantin Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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