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2014 DISTRICT ASSEMBLY : A Rotary strong affair!

By Rtn Myrna Valle

The 2014 District Assembly or DISTASS held last May 3-4 at the Lima Park Hotel showed another strong presence of Centro ladies, with an unprecedented 14 attendees from the Rotary Club of Sta. Rosa Centro.

Distass 2014-2

The first day opened in the afternoon of May 2nd with the traditional parade of dignitaries, followed by a hot and lively production number that surely woke up the whole delegation.  Soon after, the event chair, Pres. Noli Sanchez, welcomed to crowd to the 2014 RID 3820 PETS Training Seminar and District Assembly.

PP Alan Navera then acknowledged the dignitaries followed by the President-Elects, among them our PE, Mayor Arlene Arcillas.  PDG Tato Dimayuga then gave an overview of the DISTASS.

DG Danny Ona gave a heart-warming message about his term as District Governor of 3820, saying that all the tiring work and challenges have been worth it, and that he looked forward to the next Rotary year full of best wishes for the incoming governor, thus leading to the highlight of the day, the Turn-over of Proceedings from DG Ona to the DGE, Mr. Jojo de Guia.

DG Jojo de Guia took the floor to discuss the RI Theme and the thrusts and goals of District 3820 for RY 2014-15.  Among his main plans are to strengthen membership and have high-impact local community projects, with a view to having joint projects with other districts.  For his plans, he would like to form committees that will be tasked to formulate both annual and long term, sustainable plans, particularly in the areas of environmental preservation,  blood-letting projects, formation of Rotary Community Corps, and vocational skills training for out-of-school youths.

Special guests PDG Jun Farcon of RID 3800 and PDG Ambo Gancayco of RIS 3780 gave talks about how to raise funds to give to TRF and leadership, respectively.  After the vote of thanks given by DGE Jojo de Guia and our PE Mayor Arlene, it was time for dinner and fellowship, with a Safari theme.  Rotarians came garbed in khaki pants and red-colored tops, creating a festive and summery feel.

Distass 2014

Day 2 was Breakout Sessions day.  After the invocation and community singing, PDG Tato Dimayuga announced the day’s activities and the room assignments for the sessions.  Centro representatives went about their separate ways to attend their assigned committee sessions until the late afternoon.  After everyone re-converged at the Plenary Hall, DGE Jojo de Guia gave his message as Incoming Governor.

It was another successful DISTASS, another strong presence for a stronger RC Sta. Rosa Centro!


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