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Revitalize Santa Rosa Public Library

This project’s goal is to provide leadership and assistance to transform the current library into a vibrant educational resource center in the Santa Rosa Community by partnering with organizations with the intent to bring innovative programs of learning and secure cutting edge materials that will facilitate the education and well-being of the community at large.
Renovation: In order to bring a sense of “newness” and “excitement” to the current library, it is proposed that a “make-over” be conducted to beautify the facility and replace the current furnishings. Distinct sections of the library will be established to provide a more welcoming atmosphere.
• The children’s section will have low shelves so that the children can access the books on their own (without the aid of chairs or ladders). A mural of story book characters painted on the wall will create a fun atmosphere for the young children to gather, and a rubber mat and soft chairs/pillows will provide a comfortable place for the children to read on their own or listen to a storyteller.
• The Teens section will have an atmosphere conducive to “hanging out” with friends and studying. In addition to books and study resources, board games and other items could be available that would create a place for teens to relax a bit while taking a study break, as well as promote an environment to maximize studying.
• The Adult’s section will have comfortable chairs for reading, as well as tables and chairs for group and individual work environments.
New books and resource materials: Books and resource materials will be solicited and funding sought for additional purchases. An additional goal of computers and Wi-Fi access will be added as funds allow.
Programming: A library is much more than the building and the resources housed within. The measure of an excellent library is the depth and variety of programs offered and the participation of the community. While the books and resource materials within the library are important, it does not benefit the community if people do not utilize them. Programs that are relevant and engaging are vital to maintain the patronage of the library. Programs can be as diverse and plentiful as the creativity of the administering body.
Preschool programs: Story telling; crafts; playtime; building with blocks and Legos.
Kids: Book clubs; arts and crafts; movie days; game afternoons; book themed parties.
Teens: Movie and Game nights; book club; writing club; community action committee.
Adults: Workshops/lectures on resume writing; self-improvement; business resources.
Data Collection: The current library usage will be tracked and compared to the library usage once renovation and program implementation is complete. Surveys will be conducted to assess the needs of the community and the level of satisfaction of the library patrons.


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