Project GAB – Give a Book and let them Grab a Book

Learning how to read is an important skill for children to acquire as it lays the foundation for their future education and personal growth. Reading helps children develop their language skills and expands their vocabulary, which in turn helps them communicate more effectively and understand the world around them. It also encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills as children learn to interpret and analyze the information they read.
Our Project GAB, Give a Book, and Let them, Grab a Book, Imagine Rotary
introduces Reading for young learners in an easier and fun way. Imagine a world, where young ones developed such skills, and their school life would be brighter.
We also teach parents and guardians how to incorporate the practice in daily routines. We do storytelling, old and new book donations, and toys to public schools and barangay centers.
We believe that a small child equipped with reading skills will love school. They’ll be more confident and encouraged to study.

There were several locations where this project was implemented : In Santa Rosa City- Barangays Aplaya, Pulong Sta. Cruz, and Caingin. And in Lipa – Barangay Inisloban.

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