Centro Spelling Bee Year 6

The Centro Spelling Bee is an annual project of the Rotary Club of Sta. Rosa Centro. This forms part of the club’s thrusts towards Literacy and the Youth, both very important areas of focus of Rotary International.

The first Spelling Bee was held on February 7, 2015 at Sta. Rosa Elementary School Central 2 where a total of 17 schools sent their best spellers to compete; with 11 grade school contestants and 13 high school contestants.

For this year, the contest was held at the 2/F Multi-Purpose Hall of the Sta. Rosa Museum on February 25, 2020.  There were 18 Elementary School participants and 14 High School participants.

Congratulations to the winners!!!

Champion COLEGIO DE STA ROSA DE LIMA Kian Gabriel Arambulo Evelyn Campos
2nd Place OUR LADY OF ASSUMPTION COLLEGE Gabriella S. Santiago Jeorge Kevin Del Mundo
3rd Place DILA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Almirah V. Mambuay Grace Erenia
4th Place CAINGIN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Jagmiz B. Ramiscal Bernard Ferrer
Champion COLEGIO DE STA ROSA DE LIMA Pauline Angela Desembrana Ervin Neri
2nd Place GREENFIELDS INTEGRATED SCHOOL Kemuel Malachi Mabalot Imelyn Roldan
3rd Place APLAYA NATIONAL HS Alexine Andrea Capon Joy Jurilla
4th Place CANOSSA SCHOOL Kurt Anthony Bobiles Gloria Raquel

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