Buntis Wellness Year 10

Buntis Wellness is the flagship activity of the Rotary Club of Sta. Rosa Centro, in line with our mission to commit to the care of women and children, in particular within the City of Sta. Rosa.

Free services include pre-natal check-up  for pregnant women ;  pedia consultation for kids ; papsmear and bilateral tubal ligation screening. Four doctors (2 OB-Gyne and 2 Pediatricians) served the consultation needs of the community. Loot bags were also given out to pregnant women and each contain underpads, vitamins, alcohol, diapers and other primary needs on giving birth.

For the event held last Jan 25, the club have served the following :
Buntis Check-up – 156
Pedia Consult – 164
Papsmear – 147
Ligation – 34
TOTAL 524 patients
** 147 individuals also underwent blood typing

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