Handog ng Rotaryo: Malinis na Palikuran Para sa Malinis na Paaralan

Planning of the project started in July of 2018, the first meeting between Champion President Cecile Gabatan, Rotarian Spouse Ed Gabatan, Principal Mercedita Laserna and faculty of Caingin Elementary School.

The 4 toilets were constructed at Classrooms 28, 31, 32, 33 of the Security Bank Foundation Building (Grade 1 Building) of the school. Prior to the construction of the toilets, the building have 1 common toilet with 2 cubicles located at the ground floor. During breaks, the queue on the toilets were very long and the time spent by the kids on the queue were longer than the time spent eating their food. There was also one incident when a kid fell off the stairs on his way to the ground floor toilets.

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