Buntis Wellness Centro’s Flagship Project

Central to Rotary community projects is the need to focus on an area of  The Rotary Foundation.  There are six areas of focus, namely: Peace & Conflict Resolution, Maternal & Child Health, Water Sanitation, Basic Education & Literacy, Disease Prevention & Treatment, and Economic and Community Development. Being an all-female club, the Rotary Club of Sta. Rosa Centro’s flagship project “Buntis Wellness” focuses on Maternal & Child Health.

For the rotary year 2015-2016, the project will be running on it’s 6th year. The event will be held on April 9, 2016 at Doray’s Paanakan, 784 Barangay Ibaba, Sta. Rosa City.

This project gives expectant mothers free pre-natal checkup and may also be given free charges on labor during the delivery of their baby. The project also gives free tubal ligation, PAPsmear, and seminars on personal hygiene.


Buntis Wellness 2015


Buntis Wellness 2014

Buntis Wellness 2013

Buntis Wellness


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