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Citronella Planting Kickoff Project

A joint kickoff project was undertaken last July 1, 2015 at Tagapo Elementary School in Sta. Rosa City,  by the following rotary clubs:
RC Sta Rosa Centro led by WCPres Pen Cuya
RC Sta Rosa led by WCPres Oliver Castillo
RC Metro Sta Rosa led by WcPres Miles Nastor
RC Sta Rosa South led by WcPres Jane Garcia

Joining the rotary team are students from different schools in Sta. Rosa who helped plant the aromatic herb which have been used for generations as a protection measure against host-seeking mosquitoes thus preventing dengue and other diseases in the schools/ community.

In coordination with the 3 other Rotary clubs of Sta. Rosa, 200 citronellas were purchased to be subdivided in 18 Barangays of Santa Rosa and planted in different public schools.

11009916_10153438455372943_3294966996134835714_n 11167997_474520756045452_7756780005972208726_n 11707570_474520739378787_9148523457962603416_nCitronella Planting Tarp rev

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