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Centro joins City-Wide Earthquake Drill

Picture1   Centro joins City-Wide Earthquake Drill – July 28, 2014

Preparing for the “worst” possible natural hazard that could hit Sta. Rosa, the city held a simultaneous earthquake drill to test the city’s disaster mitigation and response systems. Centro Ladies and several volunteers were assigned at different locations to oversee and join the drill.


PP Carol at St. Judiel Learning Center, Brgy . Kanluran
BcPresident Arlene covering her head during the drill













PP Che at Sta. Rosa City Hall

Location Assignments:

1. Best Class President Arlene Arcillas – City Hall of Sta. Rosa

2. PP Che Lu – City Hall of Sta. Rosa

3. PP Jacqui Victoria—Grace Learning Center, Brgy. Market Area

4. PN Evs Laranga—Dita Elementary School, Brgy Dita

5. PE Pen Cuya –Emmanuel Christian School, Brgy Malitlit


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