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Results of ROTEX candidates interview selection

This is the result of the interview and selection of candidates for the Rotary exchange year 2014-15 by the District 3820 YOUTH EXCHANGE PROGRAM COMMITTEE and the YEPi, held at the El Cielito Inn in Sta Rosa City last 5 October 2013 hosted by the Rotary Club of Sta Rosa Centro. This list includes each candidate’s selection of preferred destination for their exchange year and their scores. The Ranking however is a system that is unique to the Rotary Youth Exchange Program of Rotary International and must not in any manner affect other formal systems of evaluations that includes the student’s academic, scholastic, psychological and emotional disposition. The D3820 YEP interview and selection process results in a ranking according to the general interaction between the candidate applicant and parents with the panel of YEO interviewers. The ranking pertains to the Youth Exchange Program of District 3820 of the Rotary International. The interview process is unique to the YEP and the results are final and for the sole use of the D3820 Youth Exchange program only.
The actual matching will be published once the contact countries of exchange have replied to the D3820 YEP request for slots as preferred by the candidates. As of this report there are only 5 destination countries have confirmed reciprocal exchange with our district.
If there are corrections on the entries herein indicated, kindly make the necessary corrections (name spelling, contact details.) The exchange destinations are however final as written during the interview process but late submission of completed application form forfeits the priority for a country.
The “No.” on the left represents the number of the applicants as they register, it’s a first to register, first to interview system. 
No.  Applicant Name       Preferred Placement                                        Total Score
9     Aica Dacuno             France,Italy                                                               40.00
4     Aleix Alcala               Canada,France,Switzerland                                     39.67
7     Joy Recelistino         Canada,France,Switzerland                                     39.00
11    Beatriz Villas            France,Canada, Switzerland                                    38.33
8     Jaziel Molina              USA,France                                                              37.67
10   Shine Quinsay          USA (Washington)                                                    37.00
3     Patricia Ongkiko       France,Switzerland,Germany, Brazil                        36.00
12    Jhanrik Pabalan      UK, Europe, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela                    35.67
1     Kit Maranan              USA                                                                            35.66
6     Ralf Hernandez        Spain, Italy, France                                                    35.66
5     Ivy Reception           Europe                                                                        33.00
2     Ashiel Sanclaria       France                                                                        32.00
13    Noel Balderas        Canada, France, Australia                                           18.67
Yours in Youth Service,
Priscila M. Dela Cruz
D3820 YEP  Chairman
RY 2013-2014
RC Sta Rosa Centro

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